Church of the Intercession - Educational Lesson - Level 1

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Part of the Trinity Church at one time, West Harlem's Church of the Intercession houses beautiful interior carvings, a charming vicarage and cloister and the famous "secret" Abbot's eye overhead the main altar. Designated as a NYC landmark in 1966, the church was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1980 and continues to be one of the most visited placed in Harlem. Students will find inspiration with this reading comprehension lesson and can test their critical thinking skills with the questions that follow.

Three fun facts about The Church of the Intercession:

  • There have been three buildings constructed for use by the Church.
  • The Chapel of the Intercession gained independence from Trinity Church in 1976 and became the Church of the Intercession.
  • Some well-known New Yorkers are buried in the cemetery surrounding the church, including Charles Dickens’ son, Alfred Tennyson Dickens.

Harlem Roots Lesson: Level One

Perfect for students starting to read full paragraphs. Level one lesson contains two short reading comprehension lessons approximately sixty plus words with three questions each as well as the answer key.

Enjoy the videos on The Church of the Intercession below

 Pay a visitor to the Church of the Intercession


1 Review

Vanessa 17th Feb 2015

Great Lesson on the Church of Intercession

This lesson on the Church of intercession gives you a couple of paragraphs that goes over some history of the church. After each paragraph you are given a question and answer section to see your understanding of what you just read.

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