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Duke Ellington – Educational Lesson - Level 2

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Your understanding of Harlem and the Harlem Renaissance would not be complete without a lesson devoted to the contributions of African American composer, pianist and bandleader Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, who helped establish the sound of jazz as a form of art. Playing at the well-known Cotton Club during the Harlem Renaissance, Ellington was recognized during his lifetime as a master of jazz music. Moreover, they won't be able to put down these interesting reading comprehension lessons describing his life and work. Questions  are also available that help students learn about his contributions to Harlem and the history of jazz music.

Three fun facts about Duke Ellington:

  • He received a total of thirteen Grammy Awards.
  • He referred to his music as “American music,” rather than jazz.
  • A United States Commemorative stamp with his image on it was issued in 1986.

Harlem Roots Lesson: Level Two

An excellent choice for students with a better command of reading this lesson will contain one fact-filled reading comprehension lesson of approximately 350 words with ten questions to ensure a strong understanding of the lesson. You will also receive an answer key.

 Enjoy the videos on Duke Ellington below

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