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Father Divine – Educational Lesson - Level 3

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Father Divine may not evoke images of Harlem when you first think of him, but the area made a lasting impact on him and his ministry. During the Great Depression Father Divine moved to Harlem with his followers. Students should love the reading comprehension lessons about Father Divine, Harlem and religion. In addition, interesting questions are provided to spark student interest in learning about Father Divine, his place in religious history and Harlem.

Three fun facts about Father Divine: 

  • Very little is known about his early life, including his real name, birth date, or birthplace.  
  • He was labeled a cult leader, but the religious movement he started still exists long after his death. 
  • He is now considered to be an important forerunner to the Civil Rights Movement.

Harlem Roots Lesson: Level Three

Recommend for students that enjoy reading and want an enhanced reading experience on the topic they are studying. The reading comprehension lesson contains one fact-filled lesson of approximately 500 words with ten questions to ensure a strong understanding of the lesson. You will also receive an answer key.

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