Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in Harlem Roots, an exciting and innovative way to learn about the rich Harlem culture and the Harlem Renaissance. Here are some common questions asked by those considering Harlem Roots for their educational and entertainment needs.  Harlem Roots is available in two formats.  The first one is an electronic paper version; that is downloaded after payment is received. The second one is online in the program ProProfs.com.  This version will be available the 3rd quarter of 2015*.

What is included in each lesson?

Depending on which level you choose, you will receive an assortment of learning materials to help you not only read, but also comprehend each lesson and recognize its significance to Harlem history.

How many levels are there for each lesson?

Harlem Roots has developed three different levels of our lessons, shown below:

•Level 1 – Two quick word lessons (60+ words each) with six questions and answer key

•Level 2 – One medium length word lesson (350 words) including ten questions with answer key

•Level 3 – One full-length word lesson (500 words) including ten questions with answer key

What is a Harlem Roots supplemental lesson?

The supplemental lesson contains additional learning activities to provide you with numerous learning options. Each Harlem Roots supplemental lesson contains one ten-word vocabulary list, one list of ten fun facts and a word search puzzle.

When will I receive my Harlem Roots lesson?

When you purchase lessons from Harlem Roots, there is no waiting! Once payment has been received, you should receive an email notification with a link that will allow you to gain full access to your lesson.

How many times will I be able to download my Harlem Roots lesson?

You will only be able to download the Harlem Roots lesson two times. If you have trouble accessing your newly purchased lesson plan, please contact us for assistance.

What program is used to develop Harlem Roots online lessons*?

Harlem Roots develops each and every lesson with the help of ProProfs.com, a leading platform for educators and homeschoolers who need online training programs and assessments.

Where do access my Harlem Roots online lessons?

You will receive an email with complete instructions on how to set up your online account at Proprofs.com. Once your personal account has been created, you will gain access to the lessons purchased.

How many times can I take the online lesson?

You will only be allowed to take each lesson one time. However, you will be able to pause and resume each lesson as needed.

Will I receive a grade for each Harlem Roots lesson completed?

Yes! Once you have completed your online lesson from Harlem Roots, you will receive a certificate that will have your grade and the correct answers to the questions.

What is an online classroom?

The online classroom offers a secure and centralized location for you to learn and enjoy each Harlem Roots lesson that is assigned to your account. Simply log in to the secure online classroom with your previously chosen username and password to gain access to all of the lessons within your plan.

Will I have access to my grades?

Yes! You will always have access to your completed lesson scores and certifications from Harlem Roots.

What is a join code?

A join code is a unique code associated with a class (group).