Hamilton Grange National Memorial - Educational Lesson - Level 1

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Students will be fascinated to know that one of the founding fathers, Alexander Hamilton, built a lavish Hamilton Grange on his Harlem estate hundreds of years ago and lived in what is now known as Hamilton Heights. Growing up an orphan in the Caribbean, Hamilton eventually became President George Washington's closest aide and was instrumental in created the Federalist Papers, a set of political essays intended to promote ratificaton of the U.S. Constitution. Students will find this read comprehension lesson about Hamilton Grange National Memorial fascinating along with corresponding questions. 

Three fun facts about Hamilton Grange National Memorial:

  • The house still sits within the thirty-two acres once owned by Alexander Hamilton.
  • The house was saved from demolition when it was purchased by St. Luke’s Episcopal Church. 
  • Hamilton Heights in Harlem got its name from Alexander Hamilton.

Harlem Roots Lesson: Level One

Perfect for students starting to read full paragraphs. Level one lesson contains two short reading comprehension lessons approximately sixty plus words with three questions each as well as the answer key.

Pay a visitor to Hamilton Grange National Memorial


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