Ira Gershwin - Educational Lesson - Level 1

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One of the greatest American lyricists of the 20th century, Ira Gershwin collaborated with younger brother George Gershwin to write dozens of classic songs, including "Embraceable You" and "I Got Rhythm".  While growing up in NYC's Yiddish School District, Ira and George's father changed their last name Gershovitz to Gershvin, which eventually became the now famous last name of Gershwin, to avoid encounters with bigotry.  Students will find inspiration with this reading comprehension lesson about Ira Gershwin and can test their critical thinking skills with the questions that follow.

Three fun facts about Ira Gershwin:

  • Ira’s father followed his mother to America out of love.
  • Ira was born Israel Gershowitz; his parents changed the family’s name to better assimilate to America.
  • Ira stopped writing songs for three years after his brother’s death.

Harlem Roots Lesson: Level One

Perfect for students starting to read full paragraphs. Level one lesson contains two short reading comprehension lessons approximately sixty plus words with three questions each as well as the answer key.

Enjoy the videos on Ira Gershwin below

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