Julia de Burgos – Educational Lesson - Level 1

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Julia de Burgos was a poet, teacher and activist from Puerto Rico. Born as the eldest of 13 children in a poor section of Puerto Rico, she started writing poetry at an early age. Instead of accepting the injustices of the world, she decided to change the world. She joined the Daughters of Liberty and supported Puerto Rican independence. In East Harlem she worked as a journalist, promoting civil rights for women and minorities. Students will enjoy reading about this strong, courageous woman; thought-provoking questions at the end will make them think about the world around them.

Three fun facts about Julia de Burgos:

  • She passionately fought for the rights of women.
  • She published two notable books of poetry during her lifetime; a third was published posthumously.
  • Although she was originally buried in paupers’ burial ground in New York City, her body was eventually re-buried in Puerto Rico.

Harlem Roots Lesson: Level One

Perfect for students starting to read full paragraphs. Level one lesson contains two short reading comprehension lessons approximately sixty plus words with three questions each as well as the answer key.

Enjoy the videos on Julia de Burgos below

Pay a visitor to the Juliade Burgos Cultural Arts Center



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