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Louis Armstrong – Educational Lesson - Level 2

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Epitomizing jazz music and the cool blare of a wailing trumpet, Louis Armstrong once performed at Harlem's own Connie Inn and was readily accepted by white society in the early to mid-20th century. Although it was unusual for black performers to be embraced by whites at the time, Louis Armstrong deftly crossed the color line due to his talent, personality and charm. Students will take a natural interest in the reading comprehension lesson about Louis Armstrong and enjoy answering questions about Armstrong's association with Jazz music, Harlem and his place in their history.

Three fun facts about Louis Armstrong:

  • He always said he was born on July 4, 1900, but his real birth date was August 4, 1901.
  • When he was twelve years old, he fired a gun full of blanks in the air on New Year’s Eve and was sent to an orphanage.
  • He toured foreign countries but refused to do so as a representative of the United States because of racism in the South.

Harlem Roots Lesson: Level Two

An excellent choice for students with a better command of reading this lesson will contain one fact-filled reading comprehension lesson of approximately 350 words with ten questions to ensure a strong understanding of the lesson. You will also receive an answer key.

Enjoy the videos on Louis Armstrong below

Pay a visitor to the Louis Armstrong House Museum 


1 Review

Vanessa 22nd Feb 2015

Great Lesson!

Another great set of lessons. This lesson has three parts each sold separately; each part gives you some history and then a question and answer part to see what you learned. Definitely worth getting if you want to learn a little more about Louis Armstrong.

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