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Read along and be inspired by Lydia F. Wadleigh, American educator and pioneer in higher education for women during the mid 1800's. Learn about her early days as principal of New York City's first public high school for girls, and how the Wadleigh High School for Girls on 114th Street in Harlem honored her memory in 1902. Enhance your reading comprehension skills and test your knowledge with questions about Lydia Wadleigh and her contributions to education, as well as the Harlem landmark which bears her name.

Three fun facts about Lydia F. Wadleigh:

  • Many of the students disliked Lydia’s disciplinary ways.
  • The school board didn’t provide funds for the classes Lydia wanted to begin at the new department: the teachers had to supply and pay for the textbooks for the students.
  • To honor her, the City of New York named a high school after Lydia F. Wadleigh after her death.

Harlem Roots Supplemental Lesson

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