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A vibrant hub of art, music and culture in the 20s and 30, Harlem gave birth to one of the most popular dances in history--the Lindy Hop. Developing from the rhythmic style of swing jazz, the Lindy Hop is somewhat similar to other African American dance steps popularized in Harlem nightclubs such as the Savoy Ballroom and the Cotton Club. Recently revived by American and European dancers, the Lindy Hop is an example of an African American cultural innovation loved by all ethnicities in the early 20th century. Students will find inspiration with this reading comprehension lesson and can test their critical thinking skills with the questions that follow.

Three fun facts about the Lindy Hop:

  • It was first developed at the Savoy Ballroom in Harlem.
  • It can be danced with wild, spontaneous movements or smooth, sophisticated steps.
  • It has appeared in many Hollywood films, such as A Day at the Races, Hellzapoppin’, Malcolm X, Swing Kids, and A League of Their Own.

Harlem Supplemental Lessons

People learn in many different ways. One of the best ways to ensure that every lesson is forever remembered is by purchasing the supplemental lesson for each lesson. All of the supplemental lessons will contain three different activities to help build an understanding of the topic, and help reinforce what they have learned.

  • With your supplemental lesson, you can expect to receive a vocabulary list which will feature ten words and their definitions as they are related to the text.
  • For easy learning you will also enjoy ten fun facts that pertain to the lesson.
  • In addition to these tools, every supplemental lesson you also contain one word search puzzle.

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