Tito Puente – Educational Lesson - Level 1

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Many people already know that Tito Puente was a famous drummer and the King of Latin music. However, there is much more to Tito Puente than just being a great drummer! Without his talent, the world may have never known about Latin music, as he was the one to introduce it to the world. In addition, his great talent for this music helped to put East Harlem on the map. Therefore, students will be fascinated to read all about these facts in this reading comprehension lesson about Tito Puente. It includes questions about Tito Puente’s contributions to Latin music and his connection to Harlem.

Three fun facts about Tito Puente:

  • He appeared as himself in The Simpsons’ episode "Who Shot Mr. Burns?"
  • Spanish Harlem named a post office and a street after Tito Puente.
  • He recorded over seventy musical albums during his lifetime.

Harlem Roots Lesson: Level One

Perfect for students starting to read full paragraphs. Level one lesson contains two short reading comprehension lessons approximately sixty plus words with three questions each as well as the answer key.

Enjoy the videos on Tito Puente below 

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