Experience the true spirit of Harlem with us!

Here at Harlem Roots, students will learn about Harlem from the comfort of their own homes thanks to the innovation of e-learning and the power of modern digital technology. This is all be achieved through a series of activities and engaging lessons that focus on the people, places, and events that make Harlem famous. Exploring the roots of Harlem and helping to educated others has always been and always will be our driving passion. It is from this passion that our e-learning series Harlem Roots was born.

Students who engage in our immersive virtual learning program will learn about known and unknown people, places, and events that make Harlem one of the most fascinating places in the country. This is the perfect opportunity for students to learn about the legendary legacy of Harlem, from the start as a sleepy Dutch village through the decades as if grew to become the second most requested travel destinations in New York City!

Students can take advantage of our common core multicultural reading comprehension lessons, the educational student walking tours, or be entertained by a weekly live jazz concert. By keeping a balance of both education and entertainment, Harlem Roots provides students with the best experience they can have as they learn about this influential place and the impact it has had on our history and where we are today in this great neighborhood!

We invite you to experience Harlem like you never have before with our e-learning program and walking tours and jazz concerts!

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