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Harlem Roots is the e-learning student educational branch of Welcome to Harlem, a walking tour company established in the heart of Harlem itself. Harlem Roots has been designed and set up to offer virtual learning opportunities for students and to help enhance educational opportunities through a virtual and distance learning format. While doing walking tours with students, Welcome to Harlem realized that a large amount of the material being covered in the tour was not being taught to the students in their normal classroom settings.

So, the team took it upon themselves to remedy this injustice and fill the void with the online learning program now known as Harlem Roots. Harlem has a rich multicultural history that is significant to African-Americans, but the neighborhood also holds great importance for other cultures as well. Keeping this diversity in mind, we’ve made sure our online e-learning lessons tap into all cultural backgrounds.

It’s the undying passion of our team at Welcome to Harlem that has kept us running and enabled us to provide high-quality, educational walking tours, e-learning based reading comprehension lessons, and live jazz concerts for students with Harlem Jazz Boxx. Beginning with the small Dutch village from which Harlem derives its name and first settlers, to the cultural significance of the Harlem Renaissance, and continuing throughout decades filled with important African-American history and continuing on now to the modern era.

Time to learn about Harlem as you never have before, from your own home with our fully encompassing e-learning programs!