Harlem Roots Academy – A fun and unique opportunity to learn more about the roots of Harlem and the legacy of its people, all through our easily accessible e-learning platform. Utilizing virtual learning, students can continue to learn and grow in their knowledge and understanding of Harlem-all from the comfort and safety of their homes.

Each month, we will send two of the Harlem Roots lessons to the students to complete online. When completed online, students enrolled in the Harlem Roots Academy (HRA) will have the added benefit of feedback from us. We will grade any of the written assignments that coincide with the online lessons and provide some basic thoughts and constructive advice and feedback as needed. Students will receive certificates and gamification points that can be used to track their progress on the HRA game board. The subscription can also easily be upgraded to include a walking tourlive jazz concert, or both, for a small additional fee.