Artists have the unique ability to tell a story with their work and Harlem has lead the way with some of the most famous artists during the Harlem Renaissance living and working in Harlem. Some of these truly gifted individuals were Charles Henry Alston, Augusta Savage, and Lois Mailou Jones. However, we must not forget to celebrate other artists that have left their stamp on Harlem like Thomas Nast and David Rappaport or the current day artists like Manny Vega and James de la Vega. The Harlem Renaissance was just as important to the art world in the 1920’s and 1930’s as the Graffiti Hall of Fame is today. 


Our reading comprehension lessons are on four different levels: K – 12 grades are common core multicultural. The 2 – 4 levels contain 


  • Puzzle
  • Vocabulary
  • Infographic
  • Reading comprehension
  • Fun Facts/Interesting Facts
  • Questions (critical thinking, short answer, multiple choice, true or false, fill-in-the-blanks, mix and match, and opinion, and more)







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