Colonial Period

Harlem was an important area during the Colonial Period of our country and though most people do not think of our Nation's origins when they think of Harlem, our roots go deep in this area. Many of our founding fathers had connections to Harlem either by war, education, or residence; each one making an impact on Harlem just as Harlem made its impact on them. Our Harlem Colonial Period Lesson Plans will discuss these impacts as we introduce students to George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr, Grant’s Tomb, The Battle of Harlem Heights, and the Grange.

Our reading comprehension lessons are presented to students on four different levels that cover K – 12 grades and meet all the requirements for common core certification for multicultural focus, educational content, and student engagement. Our online e-learning curriculum is designed to be engaging as well as educational. The Harlem Colonial Period reading lessons are perfect for classroom work, independent studies, homeschooling, and supplemental work for all grade levels. 

It is easy for students to learn about the past and the ties our nation has to the people and places of Harlem when they are engaged and entertained by what they are reading. This is what sets our Colonial Period Harlem Study Lessons apart from many of the other online distance learning lessons that are available.