Events tend to shape individual lives in different ways. In Harlem, we have experienced events that still have a profound impact on our community. We will explore some of these events like the Harlem Riots of 1934, the Harlem Riots of 1943, the Harlem Riots of 1965, the end of World War I, and the attempted assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. Our Harlem Historical Events Lesson Plans will teach students about these important events and more.

Our reading comprehension lessons are on four different levels: K – 12 grades are common core multicultural. The 2 – 4 levels contain


  • Puzzle
  • Vocabulary
  • Infographic
  • Reading comprehension
  • Fun Facts/Interesting Facts
  • Questions (critical thinking, short answer, multiple choice, true or false, fill-in-the-blanks, mix and match, and opinion, and more)


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