Events tend to shape individual lives in many profound and different ways. In Harlem, we have experienced events that still have a profound impact on our community and that have shaped ideas, people, places, and policies big and small. In our online Harlem Events Reading Pages, we will explore some of these events like the Harlem Riots of 1934, the Silent Protest, and the end of World War I, and the attempted assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. Our Harlem Historical Events Lesson Plans are specifically designed to help teach students about these important events and to highlight the impact they had on Harlem and the way their impact still resonates throughout the country today.

Our online reading comprehension lessons are specially developed to meet common core educational standards for virtual learning. Each one is available at one of four different levels ranging from K – 12 grades. The higher grade levels contain reading lessons, quizzes, short essay responses, and fun facts to make learning fun for students. The e-learning craze is not going anywhere soon and we here at Harlem Roots believe in the power of virtual learning and believe in giving parents and teachers the freedom to diversify their teaching methods. 

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