Group Tours

Take in the delights of Harlem and explore the rich cultural past!

Group Tours - Educational Tours for Students by Welcome to Harlem are aimed for student groups that need an authentic, knowledgeable Harlem guide. Designed to meet the educational needs of students, our walking tours cater to a diverse selection of themes that are related to the rich multicultural history of Harlem.

Each tour is two hours and ensures the privacy of each group. The walking tours are private and Welcome to Harlem ensures that the group gets the exclusivity they want. The tours are customizable, so you can choose an itinerary that suits your schedule. The flexible timing feature acts as an added convenience. You can select the dates that work with your schedule and hence get the best out of our walking tours.

So what’s the wait? Let’s get started and start learning about Harlem from one of the locals. The student tours are specifically focused on the educational targets prescribed by schools.

Some of the themes you can explore with our authentic Harlem tours are; 

  • Colonial Harlem
  • Harlem Renaissance
  • Harlem Riots
  • Historic Places and Landmarks
  • Jewish Harlem
  • Major Events
  • Spanish Harlem/El Barrio
  • The Civil Rights Movement
  • Or just explore one of the areas like Central, East or West Harlem