Harlem Renaissance

The Harlem Renaissance was a very important period for African American culture as we know it today. Our Harlem Roots history lesson plans will introduce students to the many people, places, and events that help to shape this time period. Students will learn about the sacrifices and contributions of Langston Hughes, Jackie Mom’s Mabley, Paul Robeson, and Marian Anderson. They will also learn about important events and places like the Savoy Ballroom, the Cotton, and Connie's Inn. Students will celebrate the arts, dance, politics, publications, and organizations that grew out of the Harlem Renaissance and still exist today.

Our Harlem Renaissance reading pages are designed to present the people and places of this influential period in Harlem's history in an engaging manner. The lessons are divided into four grade groups and are applicable for common core learning that meets requirements for K-12th grade. The Harlem Renaissance had a huge impact on the culture of Harlem is among the famous and well known yet also most misunderstood of all the time periods surrounding life in Harlem. Our goal with our online reading lessons is to give parents and teachers an easy way to introduce students to this grand period of Harlem's history while ensuring students get the high-quality learning experience that they deserve.