Harlem Roots E-learning System Announced

Online Learning with Harlem Roots

Harlem Roots is the e-learning student educational branch of Welcome to Harlem, a walking tour company established in the heart of Harlem itself. Harlem Roots has been designed and set up to offer virtual learning opportunities for students and to help enhance educational opportunities through a virtual and distance learning format. While doing walking tours with students, Welcome to Harlem realized that a large amount of the material being covered in the tour was not being taught to the students in their normal classroom settings. So, the team took it upon themselves to remedy this injustice and fill the void with the creation of a specialized online learning program now known as Harlem Roots.

Here at Harlem Roots, we believe in meeting students where they are and providing them with online lessons and a virtual learning platform that meets their needs in the here and now. The world has changed in ways we never could have prepared for and it may be a long while before things get back to normal. Students are having to learn how to take classes online, learn with digital classes, and are being forced to adapt to a whole new aspect of virtual learning. We wanted to help make the process easier for students, parents, and teachers alike. To this end, we have introduced our fully online virtual learning collection of reading lessons, videos, and concerts.

Students will learn about Harlem from the comfort of their own homes thanks to the innovation of e-learning and the power of modern digital technology. This is all be achieved through a series of virtual lesson activities and engaging online lessons that focus on the people, places, and events that make Harlem famous. Exploring the roots of Harlem and helping to educated others has always been and always will be our driving passion. It is from this passion that our e-learning series was born. With the need for easy to use and access learning material being more vital now than ever, we knew now was the time to bring Harlem Roots to the forefront and to move to an all-digital online learning platform.

Harlem Roots Introduces Its E-learning System

Students who engage in our immersive virtual learning program will learn about known and unknown people, places, and events that make Harlem one of the most fascinating places in the country. Each lesson is available fully online and is designed to meet students where they are at their grade level with appropriately developed reading lessons and activity guides. This is the perfect opportunity for students to learn online as they dig into virtual lessons and activities that are all focused on the rich legacy of Harlem, from the start as a sleepy Dutch village through the decades as if grew to become the second most requested travel destinations in New York City! Harlem Roots e-learning offers reading comprehension lessons that focus on non-fiction Harlem themes, which include substantive historical data about people, places, and events dating from 1658 through the present. Our online database of lessons is designed to allow you buy individual lessons as you want and need to so you customize your student’s virtual learning experience. All of the lessons use informational text to cover topics in Social Studies, U.S. and World History, Math, as well as politics and religion among others in a fun and engaging way that is unique to our online learning platform.

Serving grade levels K-12, our lessons are excellent for homeschooling, higher education, and adult education classes. The beauty of our virtual lesson plan approach is that you get instant access to your selected lessons and pages. When you purchase virtual lessons from Harlem Roots, there is no waiting! Once payment is received, you will receive an email notification that will include links and instructions on how to access your e-lessons. From there, you and your students can begin to explore the wonders of the rich history and culture that has shaped Harlem into one of the most famous neighborhoods in New York.

Harlem Roots- E-learning

Each one of our informative online reading lessons are designed for group and individual applications and are also for e-learning and virtual classroom workloads as well.Students can take advantage of our common core multicultural reading comprehension lessons to get started with any one of dozens of topics available on our site. From there they can dig even deeper with the educational virtual walking tours, or be entertained by a weekly live streaming jazz concert. By keeping a balance of both education and entertainment, Harlem Roots provides students with the best experience they can have as they begin their next adventure with virtual learning. Students of all ages can fall in love Harlem again or experience it for the first time as they learn about this influential place and the impact it has had on our history and where we are today in this great neighborhood!

We invite you to experience Harlem like you never have before with our e-learning program, walking tours, and jazz concerts! It is time to learn about Harlem as you never have before, from your own home with our fully encompassing e-learning programs!