Harlem Roots Long Awaited Return! Time to Get Started!

The pros are back and this time, we’ve added something special for you!

Harlem Roots is happy to announce their much awaited and anticipated return. We took a break to reorganize our offerings and come up with new services. Since Harlem has a rich multicultural background, we’ve made sure the program offers something for everyone.

Our finest service is the common core reading comprehension lessons that are available for all classes, beginning at the Kindergarten level and leading up to students from 12th grade. There are a total of 4 lesson levels, each with a different difficulty level to ensure that the children get the right information at the right stage. This categorization enables students of all ages to learn about famous personalities, music books and much more!

We believe in making lessons fun for students, and that’s exactly what our lesson components reflect. With the help of puzzles, infographics, comprehension and critical thinking questions, we have made sure that our lessons are a mix of education and entertainment.

If you want your children or students to gain in-depth knowledge about their culture and the history of Harlem, our lessons are the effective resources they need. Our reading comprehensive passages for guided reading levels have been designed to help students learn to read carefully. To improve their cognition and comprehension abilities, you can get the children to find evidence to support their answers to the text-based questions. All in all, these lessons can provide children with the necessary education they need to boost their grades.

Students will learn about known and unknown people, places, and events that have made Harlem one of the most fascinating places. With Harlem Roots, children are given the opportunity to learn about Harlem’s history, a neighborhood that started out as a sleepy Dutch village but has now become the most requested destination in New York City!