Jazz Series

Immerse yourself in soulful classic jazz with the Harlem Jazz Series!

Learning doesn't have to be bland and boring. It can be engaging and exhilarating, and our Harlem jazz series proves that point. A musical form developed from ragtime and the blues, jazz has a deep connection with emotions and often elicits strong responses from both musicians and audience members alike. With the strength to evoke the right feelings, jazz is a deliberate deviation of pitch that sets the right tone for a stirring experience. An important part of the African-American culture, jazz music is the soul of the people as they pour their emotions to make the beat, sound, and lyrics of this musical magic. For many, enjoying jazz is a way of life but for far too many others their experience and engagement with this stirring form of music is sadly lacking. But the Harlem Jazz Series aims to put an end to that with a wonderful live jazz concert.

If you too want to experience the magic of this music genre, the Harlem Jazz Series is your ticket to the realization of this dream. Presented by Harlem Jazz Boxx, the Harlem Jazz Series features some of the most talented jazz musicians of today. It is designed to be entertaining, educational, and engaging, making it a valuable tool for educators and parents alike who want to introduce students to the wonder and magic of jazz music.

If you are looking for a weekly dose of soulful live jazz performance in Harlem, look no further than our Harlem Jazz Series. The Harlem Jazz Series is curated by the acclaimed trombonist and composer, Craig Harris. He has been a part of successful bands such as God’s Trombones, Souls Within the Veil, Brown Butterfly, and Tri Harlenium. He has performed with some of the major players in the jazz industry and worked for some of the prominent figures that paved the way for jazz musicians. With a unique sense of concept and complete command over musical expression, Craig Harris is just the right resource for this task. Forty years of experience combined with a passion for this art has enabled Harris to exceed beyond the confines of live jazz. He has established the importance of jazz and explored the themes of the genre with the help of multimedia and performing arts. All of this wealth of knowledge and experience come together in our Harlem Jazz Series.

Aimed to inspire, educate, and entertain people, our Harlem Jazz Series is for everyone who wishes to explore and enjoy the best of live jazz performances.

This is an one-hour performance.