When you think of Harlem, do you think of the military? If you don’t, you should. We must celebrate the great individuals that have severed our country and recognize the battles that were fought on our soil. Our Famous Harlem Military Lesson Plans will introduce the students to the Harlem Hellfigthers, the Battle of Harlem Heights, James Reese Europe, Henry Johnson, and Colin Powell.  

Harlem Roots has always been passionate about making the history of Harlem and its people come to life for students. That is why our virtual learning platform has been designed and set up to offer online educational opportunities for students and to help enhance educational opportunities through a distance learning format.  Harlem has a rich multicultural history that is significant to African-Americans, but the neighborhood also holds great importance for other cultures as well. Keeping this diversity in mind, we’ve made sure our online e-learning lessons tap into all cultural backgrounds while also ensuring they meet all of the requirements for common core certification as well. 

Every virtual reading lesson combines comprehensive reading and recall testing, as well as thought and expression exercises. Our e-learning platform has lessons that are designed to present key ideas, concepts, and historical information in a fun and engaging way for students of all ages K-12th grade. 

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