Many organizations were created in Harlem and during the Harlem Renaissance for various reasons. Students will learn about some of the most influential and famous of these groups, including The Frogs, the African American Brotherhood, the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters, and the National Urban League to name just a few. Our Harlem Organization Lesson Plans will introduce the students to these important organizations and help demonstrate how Harlem and the historical events that occurred here were shaped by the many organizations that sprang out of this great area. 

The online digital lessons available on our website for the Harlem Roots Reading Series are available at four different levels to make virtual learning easy for students, parents, and teachers alike. Lessons can be used to meet common core accreditation for grades K-12th. Each lesson features a reading section, an activity of some kind, and a quiz at the end. Students will work on reading comprehension, logical thinking and reasoning, and more within each reading lesson provided by Harlem Roots. 

Many great organizations helped to shape Harlem and many more were shaped themselves by this great region. It is important students learn about the Harlem Renaissance Organizations and our virtual reading lessons are designed to do just that in a fun, engaging, and powerful way. So, be sure to check them out and order some lessons for your students today!


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