Performance Arts

With the Harlem Roots Performing Arts Reading Lessons, we celebrate the right culture and traditions of dance and comedians of this community.  Dance is a powerful form of expression that has shaped entire cultures, and Harlem has produced some of the greatest dances starting with Josephine Baker, Katherine Dunham, The Nicholas Brothers, Bill Bojangles, Peg Leg Bates to name a few. Not to be left behind are our many well-known comedians like Jackie, Mom’s Mabley, Butterbeans and Susie, Pigmeat Markham, and Red Foxx. The Performing Arts Lessons from Harlem Roots help introduce students to these great names and stories in a fun and engaging way.

The Harlem Renaissance was a very important period for African American culture as we know it today. Our Harlem Roots performing arts lesson plans will introduce students to the many people, places, and events that helped to shape this time period. Our virtual reading lessons are designed to meet common core requirements while also being fun to read. They provide the perfect balance of educational value and engagement. They are perfect for in-class use as well as virtual lessons, educational plan supplementation, home-based learning, and more. See for yourself how fun learning can be for grades K-12th with the Harlem Roots lesson plans!

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