Performance Arts

Performing Arts we celebrate dance and comedians – Dance is a form of expression and Harlem has produced some of the greatest dances starting with Josephine Baker, Katherine Dunham, The Nicholas Brothers, Bill Bojangles, Peg Leg Bates to name a few. Not to be left behind are our comedians like Jackie, Mom’s Mabley, Butterbeans and Susie, Pigmeat Markham, and Red Foxx.

Our reading comprehension lessons are on four different levels: K – 12 grades are common core multicultural. The 2 – 4 levels contain

  • Puzzle
  • Vocabulary
  • Infographic
  • Reading comprehension
  • Fun Facts/Interesting Facts
  • Questions (critical thinking, short answer, multiple choice, true or false, fill-in-the-blanks, mix and match, and opinion, and more)


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