The Politics and Harlem reading pages are designed to tackle a very complex and powerful aspect of Harlem's rich history.  This area of our nation has seen the rise of some of the greatest politicians in our nation's history, and they came from Harlem, got their start in Harlem, or lived in Harlem. Students will learn about Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. Bayard Rustin, A. Philip Randolph, Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey, Charlie Rangel, David Paterson, David Dinkins, and Fiorello Henry La Guardia. There are so many famous and influential political leaders as well as many great individuals who have sadly been overlooked over the years. Here at Harlem Roots, we aim to shine a more focused light on the political aspects with our Politics and Harlem reading lessons

With a simple online format, these lessons are specifically designed to make home-based learning fun for everyone. The increasing complexity of these passages helps to ensure each child has a fun yet engaging and somewhat challenging experience while learning about Harlem through online learning. All the lessons are common core compliant and can be used by teachers and parents alike to supplement virtual e-learning classes and provide a fun and engaging addition to student's existing work material. It has never been easier to help your students learn about the connection that exists between Harlem and National Politics.