Religion and Religious Leaders

Other than politics, one of the things Harlem is most famous for is its strong religious ties and undertones. That is what the focus of the Religious Harlem Reading Lessons is all about. When we talk about religious leaders and Harlem, the Harlem Renaissance comes to mind because of the many fascinating religious leaders from that period like Bid Daddy Grace, Adam Clayton Powell, Sr., and Father Divine. However, we must also celebrate the other great religious leader’s that walked the streets of Harlem like Adam Clayton Powell, Jr., Yossele Rosenblatt, James Herman Robinson, and Malcolm X. Our Famous Harlem Religious Leaders Lesson Plans will introduce the students to these important individuals. 

Our virtual e-learning reading lessons use informational text to cover topics ranging from history to social studies to government and even religion. Serving grade levels K-12, our fully downloadable lessons are excellent for homeschooling, higher education, and adult education classes. They are designed for group and individual applications and are also for e-learning and virtual classroom workloads as well. They are diverse in their approach and focus and challenge students to not only retain what they read but to analyze it, discuss it, and react to it. These Harlem Roots reading lessons for Famous Harlem Religious Leaders are a great way to help history come to life for your students. 

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