Harlem Sports connections go far and deep and it is time to learn about athletes from Harlem with our specially developed reading lessons. Meet great athletes and sports personalities like John Carlos, Moe Berg, Althea Gibson, The Harlem Globetrotters, Sugar Ray Robinson, Frank Hussey, Joe Louis, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Charlie Pilkington, and the New York Renaissance (‘Rens’). We celebrate some of the greatest athletes from Harlem in our Famous Athletes from Harlem Lesson Plans. Each lesson is balanced carefully to be both educational and entertaining for readers of all ages and grade levels. 

Each progressive level of our Harlem Roots virtual reading lessons covers more information at a deeper level for a wonderful age-appropriate virtual study unit. The questions for the Guided Reading Levels are designed to teach students how to think logically as well as analytically in order to better understand what they are reading. They will also learn how to back up their thoughts and ideas with content-based evidence from the virtual reading passages. A balanced review section helps them recall information and communicate the facts and details of what they have read. Reading lessons are available at four different tiers ranging from K-12th grade for a balanced, common core certified solution to your e-learning needs. 


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